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Lincoln Home Tour Videos

I spend some time browsing YouTube videos as you may have gathered. I find some of the Lincoln Home videos graciously posted by users as highly informative and at times highly entertaining. Please feel free to signup and post your … Continue reading

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Stealing Lincolns Body

Following his death by assassination, the body of Abraham Lincoln was borne from Washington, D.C. to its final resting place in Lincoln’s hometown of Springfield, Illinois, by funeral train, accompanied by dignitaries and Lincoln’s eldest son Robert Todd. Some of … Continue reading

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The Assassination

April 14th, 1865 at Fords Theatre watching the a comedy play titled, “Our American Cousin”. President Lincoln and the nation had just endured a long civil war and was out for a night of relaxation with his wife, Mary Todd … Continue reading

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YouTube Videos Of Abraham Lincoln

I spend a lot of time searching the net for visual and audio assets which help bring Abraham Lincoln back to life. More and more I see some really neat stuff starting to emerge. Hope you enjoy these various YouTube … Continue reading

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First Sounds

Did Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville record Abraham Lincoln’s voice on a phonautograph in the White House in 1863? We often get asked about this persistent rumor. The answer: we have seen no solid evidence that such a recording session ever … Continue reading

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