Looking For Lincoln

Reference: http://www.lookingforlincoln.com/

About Looking for Lincoln
What is the Looking for Lincoln Heritage Coalition?

The Looking for Lincoln Heritage Coalition, LFL for short, is a consortium of Illinois communities that share the legacy of Abraham Lincoln. The purpose of the coalition is to tell the stories about Lincoln unique to each site and each community. But Lincoln history alone is not enough. The Lincoln stories must be shared in a creative way. So, in order to create a real visitor experience each site in the LFL program must offer some level of interpretive programming. While focusing upon Lincoln, the coalition also encompasses the rich history of each participating community in order to create a broader context for Lincoln and his times.

The participating communities and sites are not only linked to each other, but are also tied closely to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield. The Looking for Lincoln program makes it possible to extend the reach of the Library and Museum so that the museum exhibits are just the beginning of the Lincoln adventure. We want visitors to actually go to the real places where Lincoln spent time.

The Looking for Lincoln Heritage Coalition helps communities and enhance existing Lincoln sites or create new sites and programs. Then once those sites are “visitor-ready,” The coalition provides marketing support.

For more information contact:
Looking for Lincoln Heritage Coalition
Mail: #1 Old State Capitol Plaza
Office: 209 S. 6th Street
Springfield, IL 62701


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